Tuesday, September 27, 2005

HGUC Hazel Kai Pictures

For exclusive out of Box Hazel Kai HGUC pictures, Gunpla Web has some of the most recent pictures available.

Gundam Seed Neverending Tomorrow Release

The latest MSG Playstation 2 videogame, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Neverending Tomorrow, debuts today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gunpla Tidbits

Judging from an article from gunota, and several other resources. a BanDai representative may have spilled the beans on some future Gunpla releases.

To quote Gunota:
Over at the "Playing With The Collection Series Chaos Gundam" summary site, the webmaster asked a staff member at Bandai's booth a few questions during the Plamo Radicon Show:

Q: Will you be making 1/100 Gaia & Abyss kits?
A: If there's a lot of requests for them. We're currently considering the Infinite Justice.

Q: Will the HG series start doing DESTINY MSV?
A: After the end of the TV broadcast, we're considering MS that haven't been turned into kits so far.

Q: How about an HG or 1/100 Blast Impulse?
A: We're also looking at that.

Q: What about a kit of the Astray Gold Frame Amatu?
A: There's been so many requests, even inquiries through mail and over the phone. It's being looked into.

This leads to many speculation. On a Japanese forum, I've noted pictures popping up of the Gundam Astray Out Frame in solid form, and remember that the Seed MSV, including many Gunpla some thought would never come out were released.
Judging from the comments of the representative, this much is certain:

1: Gunpla may be dead in America, but it is alive and well in Japan.
2: A 1/100 Infinite Justice is a High Probability.
3: A little less but still probability of the Blast Impulse in HG Form
4: Possible Gaia and Abyss 1/100 kits.
5: High Probability of Gold Frame Amatu HG or 1/100 or BOTH! This leads to thoughts of possible 1/144 Gold Frame Astray.

Also, in other news, Pictures of a MSIA Gold Frame have been popping up. We all remember the Gold Frame pic from Toyfare, but since the American Line is dead, perhaps Japan will consider picking that up. Keep an eye out! A Gold Frame MSIA would make the Red Frame's rarity look like pebbles in a park.

Friday, September 23, 2005

TV Ashi's Top 100

TV Asahi asked people what their favorite anime were and the results were broadcast on a special on the network yesterday. The Top 5 rankings, as reported by 2ch posters, were:

1) Mobile Suit Gundam
2) Dragonball
3) Doraemon
4) One Piece
5) Lupin The 3rd

I guess we can say with comfort now, that Gundam is #1, because it's true!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dengeki Hobby HGUC Hazel Kai upgrade

As part of their ongoing HGUC Hazel Countdown Campaign, the January edition of Dengeki Hobby (the 7th anniversary issue, on sale November 25th) will come with enhancement parts for the kit.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Gundam Battle Stage @ TGS 2005

Gpara.com and Game Watch put up reports from Bandai's "Gundam Battle Stage" event at TGS 2005 promoting SD Gundam Gashapon Wars and the PS2 edition of Alliance vs. ZAFT. It's said about Gashapon Wars that "mobile suits and battleships from every Gundam work, from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' through 'Musha Gundam', will appear". More than 150 units in total.

Toru Furuya and Naomi Shindou showed up as guests. During the Alliance vs. ZAFT portion, Furuya and Shindou faced off with Furuya as Kira in the Freedom Gundam and Shindou as Cagalli in the Strike Rouge, resulting in a narrow win for Cagalli's seiyuu. Furuya was overheard somewhere afterwards saying "The Gundam didn't keep up with my reaction time."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

East Japan Toy Trade Fair gallery

MIA Nado has photos from the 2005 East Japan Toy Trade Fair, including upcoming MSiA, GFF, and Cosmic Region figures. The pics at the top show off "UC Arms Gallery Vol. 1", a collection of diecast/PVC/plastic MSiA-scale MS guns & rifles to be sold in December. The weapon sets also have a Hayato Kobayashi Kennedy War Museum tie-in theme so in addition to the OYW, they managed to promote Zeta, too. Bandai marketing genius at work.

Hazels at Hobby Search

Hobby Search has the newest HGUC Hazel Available for purchase. They also reveal a possible AoZ Mobile Suit Guide that comes with it. This could open up new information for us, especially at the forums. Check it out at HobbySearch.

I will have a full review at the forums when I get mine, so I'll let you know about the up-close and personal details as well as scans from the Mag.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

MSIA Prototypes Available on Ebay

Now available on ebay are some Prototype MSIAs, including the Astray Blue Frame, Gelgoog, and others.

  • Check it out!
  • Monday, September 12, 2005

    Voices Needed!

    Hello all. I come before you to offer all you an interesting gig. A voice roll in an upcoming FLASH production taking place in the Mobile Suit Gundam Universe. This is non paying, but you will recieve full credit for your part, and any money made, pending, will be split and be used to pay the actors. We are currently seeking both Male and Female voices, and some cast my be sought elesewere, but if you are interested in contributing, here is what to do:

    Email me with a sample of your voice, any accents you can do well, Name, email, and Phone # if you wish. Don't be shy! Many people have very low opinions of their voices, but it could be just what we're looking for! The Scripts for the first episode of this mini- Flashime Series has been completed, and apon completion of the film, it will be sent to one of several Internet Cartoon Sites. Production may several months to perfect animation, but we will contact you within a few weeks if you have been chosen!
    Once Chosen, I myself will give you a reccomendation guide I was given a few years back to beginning voice actors, to optimise performance and to make the Audio near- flawless.

    This project has been ongoing for several months now. The team of people involved have devoted much of their time and patience with this project. I will post more information as it comes. For those who submit, Good Luck! You could land a starring role in this new template for a Gundam Series!

    -Turn A Gundam

    Saturday, September 10, 2005

    Lost War Chronicles coming to America

    Source: Tokyopop

    Set during the One Year War, Lost War Chronicles follows the adventures of a special Mobile Suit team. These brave "guinea pigs" battle test the newest Gundam models . . . Universal Century 0079. The One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon has begun! Captain Matt Healy leads his team into dangerous territory as the leader of a Special Forces Experimental Unit. Ken Vitterschtat is a Foreign Legion Lieutenant working in alliance with Zeon. As a member of the Foreign Legion, he is mocked by his allies. Trying to keep his team alive, Ken navigates precarious situations to make the best decision to keep everyone alive for tomorrow...

    This Manga's ETA is, 02.07.06

    More information as it comes.

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Another Hazel?

    With more availability of AoZ pictures showing up, and things starting to get attention thanks to the HGUC release of the Hazel Kai, more rare designs are coming to the forefront. Recently, Deacon Blues, a member at the TTT Arc, presented us with pictures of a DK Hobby issue.
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Page 5
    Page 6
    Page 7

    Discussion for the pictures can be found on the TTT Arc here.

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Comming Very Soon!

    Thanks to Scherazade, here's release dates for the new Gunpla:

    1/144th HGUC Hazel Kai - Sept. 15, 1300 yen
    1/144th HG Strike Freedom - Sept. 28, 1600 yen

    1/200th HCM-Pro Destiny - Sept. 15, 2000 yen

    1/1700th EX Archangel plated - Sept. 27, 5500 yen
    1/1700th EX Eternal plated - Sept. 27, 4500 yen

    1/400th METEOR Destiny version - Sept. 28, 2000 yen

    1/100th MG Hyaku Shiki w/Ballute pack - Sept. 15, 4000 yen
    1/100th Force Impulse w/Sword Silhouette extra finish - Sept. 28, 6000 yen
    1/100th MG Freedom extra finish - Sept. 28, 8000 yen

    credit to: Bazookafied

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    Casvaldeikun and Bazoolafied have now become honorary reporters for the Titans Test Team Blog. Welcome!
    First Day Open!
    The HG Hazel Kai is coming soon. With this, there could be a possibility of further HG Advance of Titans kits, though details are sketchy at best.

    You can pre-order the HGUC RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel at
  • Hobbylink Japan
  • today!

    In other news, The Titans Test Team forum has has a slight incline of visitors in the past few months.

  • Gamespot
  • further news and even a few videos of the upcoming Cockpit-based Gundam Arcade game "Bonds of the Battlefield" have been released.

    Welcome to the Official Titans Test Team Arc Blog!

    Here it is! The Titans Test Team Blog! Your source for news of upcoming Gunpla, MSIAs and AoZ FoT.