Monday, September 12, 2005

Voices Needed!

Hello all. I come before you to offer all you an interesting gig. A voice roll in an upcoming FLASH production taking place in the Mobile Suit Gundam Universe. This is non paying, but you will recieve full credit for your part, and any money made, pending, will be split and be used to pay the actors. We are currently seeking both Male and Female voices, and some cast my be sought elesewere, but if you are interested in contributing, here is what to do:

Email me with a sample of your voice, any accents you can do well, Name, email, and Phone # if you wish. Don't be shy! Many people have very low opinions of their voices, but it could be just what we're looking for! The Scripts for the first episode of this mini- Flashime Series has been completed, and apon completion of the film, it will be sent to one of several Internet Cartoon Sites. Production may several months to perfect animation, but we will contact you within a few weeks if you have been chosen!
Once Chosen, I myself will give you a reccomendation guide I was given a few years back to beginning voice actors, to optimise performance and to make the Audio near- flawless.

This project has been ongoing for several months now. The team of people involved have devoted much of their time and patience with this project. I will post more information as it comes. For those who submit, Good Luck! You could land a starring role in this new template for a Gundam Series!

-Turn A Gundam