Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gunpla Tidbits

Judging from an article from gunota, and several other resources. a BanDai representative may have spilled the beans on some future Gunpla releases.

To quote Gunota:
Over at the "Playing With The Collection Series Chaos Gundam" summary site, the webmaster asked a staff member at Bandai's booth a few questions during the Plamo Radicon Show:

Q: Will you be making 1/100 Gaia & Abyss kits?
A: If there's a lot of requests for them. We're currently considering the Infinite Justice.

Q: Will the HG series start doing DESTINY MSV?
A: After the end of the TV broadcast, we're considering MS that haven't been turned into kits so far.

Q: How about an HG or 1/100 Blast Impulse?
A: We're also looking at that.

Q: What about a kit of the Astray Gold Frame Amatu?
A: There's been so many requests, even inquiries through mail and over the phone. It's being looked into.

This leads to many speculation. On a Japanese forum, I've noted pictures popping up of the Gundam Astray Out Frame in solid form, and remember that the Seed MSV, including many Gunpla some thought would never come out were released.
Judging from the comments of the representative, this much is certain:

1: Gunpla may be dead in America, but it is alive and well in Japan.
2: A 1/100 Infinite Justice is a High Probability.
3: A little less but still probability of the Blast Impulse in HG Form
4: Possible Gaia and Abyss 1/100 kits.
5: High Probability of Gold Frame Amatu HG or 1/100 or BOTH! This leads to thoughts of possible 1/144 Gold Frame Astray.

Also, in other news, Pictures of a MSIA Gold Frame have been popping up. We all remember the Gold Frame pic from Toyfare, but since the American Line is dead, perhaps Japan will consider picking that up. Keep an eye out! A Gold Frame MSIA would make the Red Frame's rarity look like pebbles in a park.


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