Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Expanding our outlets

Quote: Bazookafied, TTT Adimnistrator.

Well, we've finally done it! The work done by this forum is getting the recognition it deserves and, more specifically, the excellent work that ninjascience, toysdream, and the help he has recieved with compiling this information at the AoZ Wiki has gotten our information on to! I missed the update by a couple days, but here is the news posted on from Jan 22nd:

Quote: MAHQ News

January 22, 2006

Advancing Zeta by Chris 6:50 P.M. EST
There's more mecha profiles on the horizon in today's massive update. Mark Simmons sent in profile text covering 29 units from Advance of Zeta. Additional credit for specs and lineart goes to Ninjascience, who runs the Titans Test Team Wiki. The profiles here were originally published at the TTT site. If you have any information or lineart for Advance of Zeta, I encourage you to contribute it to that site.