Saturday, September 17, 2005

Gundam Battle Stage @ TGS 2005 and Game Watch put up reports from Bandai's "Gundam Battle Stage" event at TGS 2005 promoting SD Gundam Gashapon Wars and the PS2 edition of Alliance vs. ZAFT. It's said about Gashapon Wars that "mobile suits and battleships from every Gundam work, from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' through 'Musha Gundam', will appear". More than 150 units in total.

Toru Furuya and Naomi Shindou showed up as guests. During the Alliance vs. ZAFT portion, Furuya and Shindou faced off with Furuya as Kira in the Freedom Gundam and Shindou as Cagalli in the Strike Rouge, resulting in a narrow win for Cagalli's seiyuu. Furuya was overheard somewhere afterwards saying "The Gundam didn't keep up with my reaction time."